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Our camp is situated 9 km away from Wadi Rum Village, in the middle of the desert. It is close to the White Desert, where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

The area of our camp is called the Um Sabata area.


After your day tour, we will head to the tent where we will share the dinner. We cook you a traditional Bedouin diner and afterwards we will spend the evening around the cozy fire.

We share stories, tell you about the Bedouin culture and play live music.

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During the colder months, you can gather around the warmth of the fire in the common tent and listen to Bedouin music, songs, and ancient stories that have been passed down through generations.

During the summer months, the campfire is situated outside, allowing you to enjoy the entertainment while watching the stars.

As part of Bedouin hospitality, Bedouin tea will always be available to you.

In our camp, we serve a traditional Bedouin dinner, which is cooked in an underground oven.

All of our tents have electric lights, and we also provide a charging station for your mobile phones and cameras. Additionally, we offer European-style toilets and showers for your convenience.



Breakfast: Zattar (Bread dipped in mix of olive oil and thyme.) We also serve jams, eggs, cheese, vegetables, tea and coffee...



Lunch: Bread, hummus, salad, tuna, eggs, and various hot dishes (e.g. eggs with tomatoes).  Every lunch is upon the arrival at the shop.

Dinner: Traditional Bedouin dinner is cooked in the ‘zarb’, which is an underground oven covered with sand. The long cooking process produces delicious and incredible smoky flavors.

In addition to the main dish, we have rice, salads, bread, soup and we also offer vegetarian dishes.


What Vegetarians can eat during the meal?

We propose different kind of salads, lentils soup. The vegetables and the meat are separate in the Zarb, so they also can enjoy the barbecue.

The kids are they allowed in the Camp?

Of course, we are family friendly.

Is there WIFI at the Camp?

Yes, we do have free wifi at the camp, 

Is there wheelchair access at the camp?

At the moment, the Camp doesn't have this equipment.


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