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desert wadi rum Daniele Colucci


Explore Wadi Rum’s expansive and dramatic landscape from our camp  in the middle of the desert.

Please note that water at the camp is delivered by water trucks from the local water aquifer.

Please be mindful of your water use during your stay.

bedouin tent camp desert wadi rum

Overnight Price
 people and more: 15 JD per person/per night


Our camp is made up of:

- 8 standard tent for 2 people

- 2 tent for 3-5 people

- 2 tent for 6-8 people

Our camp offers a comfortable night's stay in the desert, and we provide bedding, blankets, and pillows for each tent.

Our standard tent has shared European-style toilets and showers.


The price includes:

- A private standard tent 

- Dinner

- Breakfast

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