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Omar, a lifelong resident of Wadi Rum, is eager to share his passion for the desert and his culture with you.

As a fluent English speaker, his exceptional skills and background allow him to provide an experience that surpasses the typical desert camping and jeep ride.

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Located inside the Wadi Rum protected area, about 9 km from Wadi Rum Village, the Desert Bedouin Adventure Camp is an ideal place for relaxation and entertainment.

The camp consists of a number of Bedouin tents that are set up next to impressives rocks and offer comfortable beds for guests. Thanks to its convenient location, the camp provides easy access to the must-see destinations of the desert.

Throughout our guests' stay, we aim to showcase our traditional Bedouin lifestyle and how we live in Wadi Rum. This includes traditional Bedouin cooking, tea preparation and drinking, storytelling about our rich history, music, singing Bedouin songs, and dancing "Debka."

The camp is modern and elegant, with guests having the option to sleep inside the tent, outside next to the fire, or on the dune "under the stars," depending on their preference.

During your stay, we make an effort to provide an authentic experience of our traditional Bedouin lifestyle. The campsite offers a Panorama Tent with a private bathroom and terrace, as well as a Traditional Tent with clean shared bathrooms and showers.

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